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Thought about downsizing?

Thought about downsizing?

There are lots of reasons that prompt people to start thinking about moving from a larger home and property to a smaller one.  A change of lifestyle, kids leaving home, getting older or maybe just a need to have more time to do the things they love, rather than working on the house and garden every weekend.

Whatever the reason, when the decision is made to move to a smaller home there is one thing that has become increasingly clear, there needs to be a plan!

Here is some advice on this process.



To recap this downsizing plan

  1.  Engage a lawyer
  2.  Go see your bank
  3.  Find the value of your property and/or engage a real estate agent.

Moving to a smaller home and property will generally mean lower maintenance, lower utility bills, less responsibility and more free time.  That’s because most smaller homes are more likely be modern homes that are double glazed, energy efficient and all the work will already be done (except for the lawns that need to be mowed).

All the above “plan” can be done in advance to the sale of the property, then everything is lined up and ready for when the time is right.  It will also allow time for downsizing personal items and selling excess furniture and gear.

Make a plan and make a smooth transition to a smaller home when you are ready.


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