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Get your home ready for Sale!

Get your home ready for Sale!

Getting your home ready for the market can be a daunting process and you will probably find your self asking questions such as, “Should I paint my house? put in a new garden? reno my kitchen?”

Some things will add value to your house and if there are projects that you have started its always a good idea to finish them, however other things may not be necessary and you could find yourself spending  money you wont get back.

Check out our video for some advice, on getting your home for sale



First impressions count – so make sure your are well prepared for when your house goes to market.  People will drive by and will look it up on google earth so they will already have an pre conceived idea of your property.  Make that moment they enter your property a good one, be prepared, keep it clean, make it light bright and spacious.

If you would like some advice on your property or would like a no obligation FREE home appraisal, please contact us today.




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