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You never know when you, or a precious family member may need a doctor or vet service.  Here is a list of local health care providers in the Motueka township.




Greenwood Health        03 528 8866

The Doctors Motueka      03 528 8358


Steph Wills Dental Motueka   03 528 0032

Pienaar Health Dental    03 528 0303

Motueka South Dental Clinic    03 528 1030

Vet Services

Moving house can be stressful for your pets, so if they need some care or you need some advice there is one vet clinics available in Motueka.

The Vet Centre Motueka

If you don’t mind a short half hour drive there are two other Vet centers in Richmond

Town & Country Vet

The Vet Centre Richmond

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